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Terms & Conditions

1. Full advance payment as per the quotation is required before flight. Any differences shall be reconciled immediately after the flight.

2. Sabah Air Aviation S/B (Sabah Air) shall not be responsible should aircraft is not allowed to operate in a controlled zone or any other airspace which is not approve by any relevant authorities for flying activities.

3. For aerial photography and filming, client required to apply aerial permit and approval should submit to Sabah Air before any flight take place.

4. All flights as per the requested route are subject to Air Traffic Control Clearance.

5. This flight is subject to day light VFR (Visual Flight Rules) operation only

6. Flying into any military mend air field required special permit/clearance therefore minimum of three (3), working days is required for the application of such permit/clearance.

7. The above is our estimated flight time only. Charges will be based on actual time flown. Flying time is calculated from engine ‘on’ to engine ‘off’. The charge time will be charge to the nearest five (5) minutes.

8. Flight time for non-accomplished flight or partially carried flight due to weather or other reasons will also be charged.

9. Flight will be subject to aircraft availability, weather condition, payload limitation, prior booking and flight confirmation.

10. In the event of bad weather or unforeseen circumstances that the aircraft has to stay overnight outside base station i.e Kota Kinabalu, Sandakan, Subang and Ipoh, all the relevant charges as quoted is applicable.

11. Any task involving such as Power Line/Gas Pipeline Inspection/Operation of Orang Utan Nest Counting/Helicopter LIDAR Survey/Prolonged operations in the helicopter “Dead man’s Curve” will beliable for hourly hazard charges as quoted.

12. A pilot and any engineering crew on board engaged in a ferry flight using single engine helicopter crossing the sea from East to West Malaysia or vice versa will be liable for each round trip hazard charges as quoted.

13. Any third party services requested by the client to facilitate the accomplishment of the flight will be charged at cost plus 15% of the administration fee.

14. A cancellation within 48 hours of a firm booking is subject to a cancellation fee equivalent to one hour’s flying time unless the cancellation is due to unavoidable circumstances such as weather or is subject to prior arrangement.

15. To comply with DCA requirement on aircrew flight and duty time limitations, one day off/rest will be given to the pilot per every week. Daily duty hours are 10 hours, while daily flying hours is 7 hours. If charterer requires to maximize the operation continually for the period of 1 week, a replacement pilot can be arranged subject to availability, and all travelling, transportation and accommodation will be borne by charterer.

16. All flights are subject to 6% GST tax effective from 1st April 2015.

17. Sabah Air Aviation Sdn. Bhd reserves the rights to amend terms and conditions without prior notice.

18. Kindly complete the following consent letter and fax to 088-484 387.

19. Sabah Air reserves the right to cancel the flight without prior notification.

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