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About Sabah Air Aviation

Sabah Air Aviation or formerly known as Penerbangan Sabah is one of the oldest General Aviation Company in Malaysia.

The company was registered in 1975 as a State Government Agency under the purview of the Ministry of Finance (MOF) with its head quarters located in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

It was formed to provide air transport services to the people of Sabah in and to areas not frequented by the national airline MAS.

The company commenced its operation with three Aerospatiale Allouette three helicopters and two Australian Nomad N-22B, a Bell 206Jet Ranger II and Bell 212 helicopters and have over the years emerged as one of the leading General Aviation (GA) company in Malaysia, its present fleet of aircraft comprises of one a Beech 200 Super King Air and one a Nomad 22B (Fixed wing) three AS 355 NP, four Bell 206 Jet Ranger III, one Augusta 109 and one Bell 206 L3 Long Ranger helicopters.

Maintenance Facility
All of SAA's aircraft are being maintained in its DCAM approved Part 145 maintenance facility and the company has recently been audited by the DCAM for compliance to the requirements of Continuous Airworthiness Management Organization (CAMO) as mandated by the DCAM following the introduction of its Civil Aviation Regulation 2016 (CAR 2016).

Work Shops
SAA has also within its Part 145 organization a DCAM approved mechanical work shop with the capability to carry out complete overhaul of all the flight components for its Bell 206 helicopters and a radio workshop to carry out maintenance related works.

The training school is located next to the SAA hangar covering an area of about 6000 square feet.

The DCAM mandated training such as HF, SMS, Part M, Audit management and type courses are conducted in house by DCAM approved personnel in a 40x40 air conditioned class room.

The school has offices are air conditioned and equipped with furniture, office equipment to comply with the DCAM requirements for the said purpose. The school facilitate "dead aircraft" to provide hands on Skill Acquisition training for trainees.

Operational Bases
The company has three other bases one located in Subang, one in a Sandakan and one in Ipoh to conduct its business.

Core a Business
The company's core business is in the area of flying, and have over the years developed a niche market in the area of aerial photography, aerial mapping using the RC 10 and 20 cameras. With the advent of new aerial mapping technology, the company has also managed to upgrade its aircraft to accommodate the installation of new cameras such as UltraCAM Osprey.

Previous Experiences
The company's have successfully executed a number of aerial mapping contracts in the neighboring countries in Brunei, Thailand, Nepal, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines, and Cambodia. It remains the leading service provider in the area Aerial photography and mapping services for the government of Malaysia.

Apart from aerial mapping, aerial photography works the company was also the pioneer in providing air transportation for MEDEVAC and the FDS services to the rural areas not assessable by roads rivers or seas.

Oil Rig Support
In 1977 SAA pioneered the air transportation services to the rig for the oil companies. The company have over the years managed executed a number of contracts outside of Sabah, with Amacoo of the phillippines, inter port Resources, TOTAL exploration, Carigali BP, Carigali Petronas and OPIC.

The off shore business of SAA is presently undertaken by Its sister company SAZMA to provide passenger transportation services to the oil rigs in the State of Sabah's waters.

Kota Kinabalu - HQ
Address : Sabah Air Building, Jalan Johor, off Jalan Selangor, Tanjung Aru, 88100, Kota Kinabalu
Toll Free : 1-300-88-5566
Office No : +6088-484 733
Fasimille : +6088-484 214
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